Dear Valued customer, the ownership and management of Capers wants you to know that the safety and health of you and our employees is of paramount importance. With that in mind, we have revisited and enhanced cleanliness procedures for our employees and the facility to continue to safeguard all of our health. We have emphasized excessive hand washing, continuous cleaning of all hard surfaces with sanitizer and for all employees who even have a hint of sickness to stay home. We require continuous use of gloves by all kitchen employees and food handlers, we have rechecked and re calibrated our dish machine, utensil and pot and pan cleaning and much more. We have placed sanitizing wipes at our front door for entrance and exit and we have instructed staff to constantly wipe our doors and door handles and to keep our menus themselves thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We are not concerned but we are cautious and proactive for you, our employees and our business. We thank you for your unwavering and continued support and we wanted to let you know how we are addressing this issue. Please continue to visit and if you have any concerns please let us know.

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